• dermatologic disease;
  • nodular scleritis;
  • ocular manifestation;
  • scleritis;
  • Sweet's syndrome


The authors report a case of nodular scleritis in Sweet's syndrome. The patient was a 40-year-old Malay woman with a history of Sweet's syndrome presented with a 6-day history of a red and painful right eye associated with blurred vision. Clinical examination revealed nodular scleritis of the right eye which was deemed secondary to Sweet's syndrome after investigations for other systemic diseases were negative. The patient demonstrated good response to systemic corticosteroid therapy with complete resolution of scleritis in the right eye. However, her inflammatory skin condition worsened each time the systemic corticosteroids were tapered so colchicine and dapsone were added to treat the dermatologic disease. Ocular manifestations are uncommon in Sweet's syndrome but it is important to diagnose and treat them. This will prevent ocular morbidity and ensure a good clinical outcome.