There is insufficient evidence to recommend lens extraction as a treatment for primary open-angle glaucoma: an evidence-based perspective


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Cataract extraction in primary open-angle glaucoma has not been thought to provide a clinically useful or predictable decrease in IOP. This concept has now been challenged, with the opposite belief being promulgated: namely, that lens exchange should be considered as treatment for glaucoma. This revelation could bring a significant change in the glaucoma treatment paradigm.

There are no randomised controlled trials to guide the role of lens extraction in primary open-angle glaucoma. The available evidence suggests at most a modest reduction in IOP from cataract extraction – greater in the presence of pseudoexfoliation – which is likely to be of marginal benefit, and only in milder forms of open-angle glaucoma. There is currently no evidence of any quality to suggest that lens extraction routinely represents a clinically useful treatment for primary open-angle glaucoma.