Above and below ground biomass of Avicennia marina (Forsk.) Vierh. was studied in a mangrove community near Sydney, Australia. Data were obtained for seedlings (0–80 cm) and established trees (≥ 200 cm) growing in two nearby sites. Estimates were made of total mangrove biomass and its components: roots and pneumatophores; trunks and branches: leaves and petioles. The sites studied differed in average tree size (277 kg v. 97 kg) and in seedling biomass (0.12 km m-2 v. 0.02 kg m-2) but not in total biomass (29.2 kg m-2 v. 27.3 kg m-2).

The partitioning of biomass of Avicennia marina in this temperate mangrove community was similar to that of Rhizophora mangle in a tropical mangrove community.