Appendix S1. Species for which model predictions were made, their abbreviations (from Christidis & Boles 2008), and the relative abundance (RAi , Eqn 3, simplified to + or –) calculated from bird abundance data for each of the Models 1, 2 and 3 considered in this study. For Models 2 and 3 which considered landscape context, we present the results from the 5-km scale which achieved the best results. + RAi indicates the model provided predictive power, – or 0 RAi indicates no predictive power. Each species preferred foraging height is listed (‘Ground’ = 0 m; ‘Grassy/low shrubs’ = >0–1 m; ‘Shrub/sapling’ = >1–5 m; ‘Canopy/sub-canopy = >5 m).

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