• colorectal ESD;
  • colorectal tumor;
  • complication;
  • questionnaire survey;
  • treatment outcome

In order to understand the current use of endoscopic submucosal dissection (ESD) for the treatment of colorectal tumors in Japan, we administered a questionnaire survey to 1356 institutions all over the country. The subject of the survey was colorectal ESD performed from January 2000 to September 2008. Among the 1356 institutions, 391 (28.8%) responded to the questionnaire, and colorectal ESD was currently being performed in 194 institutions. The 194 institutions were almost equally distributed in Japan, that is, colorectal ESD has been performed all over the country. Among these 194 institutions, the procedure had been performed in 100 or more cases in 22 (11.3%) institutions and in 50–99 cases in 18 institutions (9.3%). The knives used in colorectal ESD were the Hook knife, Flush knife, and Flex knife. The average time required for colorectal ESD was 92.2 min, the rate of complete en bloc resection was 83.8%, the perforation rate was 4.8%, and no case of death from complications was reported.