Diseases of the skin, lids and lashes

1. Basic structure and anatomy


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The editors of Clinical & Experimental Optometry have decided to introduce a series of reviews directed at the continuing education of clinical optometrists. These will be called Clinical Updates. They are intended as educational papers on topics that may interest the professional who graduated some time ago but who now finds difficulty in understanding the subject matter of modern optometry. They will cover areas which are new to optometry or where practitioners have expressed a desire for a better understanding of the basic concepts. As a consequence, the writers will assume an undergraduate level of understanding and we hope to encourage as many figures and pictures in these articles as is necessary to make the subject matter easy to digest and understand. We intend to produce two to three Clinical Updates a year with each spanning more than one issue of the journal. These will be written by experts in their field and it is our intent that they provide a useful armchair reference for practitioners in the future. We gladly solicit suggestions from practitioners on topics that they would like to see covered by these Clinical Update.

The first of these Clinical Updates is in the area of dermatology and disorders of the lids. Dr Philip Lane is an academic associate of the Department of Optometry at the University of Melbourne, and lectures on this topic to final-year optometry students, as well as to medical students and practitioners. We hope that you find these Clinical Updates of interest and useful as part of your continuing education.