• amacrine cell;
  • bipolar cell;
  • computational molecular phenotyping;
  • ganglion cell;
  • horizontal cell;
  • photoreceptor;
  • plasticity;
  • remodelling;
  • retina;
  • retinitis pigmentosa

Retinal degenerative diseases that progress through loss of photoreceptors initiate a sequence of events that culminates in negative remodelling of the retina. Initially, photoreceptor loss ablates glutamatergic signalling to the neural retina and eliminates coordinate Ca++-coupled homeostatic signalling. Retinal neurons react to this loss of glutamatergic input through retinal rewiring and migration of neurons throughout the axis of the retina. All diseases that kill photoreceptors trigger retinal remodelling as the final common pathway and cell death is a common feature. Retinal remodelling resembles CNS pathologic remodelling and constitutes a major challenge to all rescue strategies.