For over a decade, the aim of Clinical and Experimental Optometry, the official journal of Optometrists Association Australia, has been to be ‘an international journal with a focus on the Asia-Pacific region’.[1]

We have had a long association with New Zealand optometry in that from 1929 to 1959, our journal was called The Australasian Journal of Optometry, although it was not officially an organ of the New Zealand Association of Optometrists Inc. In 2001, New Zealand optometrists joined forces adopting Clinical and Experimental Optometry as their official journal, becoming partners to produce an even better journal. This was our first step toward globalisation of our journal.[2]

In 2002, The Hong Kong Society of Professional Optometrists adopted Clinical and Experimental Optometry as its official journal, with all of their members receiving copies of the journal. This was a further step in consolidating our journal in the Asia-Pacific region.[1] This partnership with Hong Kong has been exceptionally successful with Hong Kong publishing more scientific papers in Clinical and Experimental Optometry in 2011 than any other overseas country and hence is second only to Australia.

Now we are delighted to announce that our position in the Asia-Pacific region is further enhanced as the Singapore Optometric Association has now adopted Clinical and Experimental Optometry as its official journal, making them partners in our further development.

These agreements are important not only to Australia but also to the partner countries, the optometric membership of which can now claim to have a journal of international standing, in which they can present their research findings and express their opinions in Guest Editorials, Viewpoints and Letters.

In recent years, the influence of Clinical and Experimental Optometry in the Asia-Pacific region or perhaps the influence of the Asia-Pacific region on Clinical and Experimental Optometry has increased considerably. In 2011, of all published proffered papers in Clinical and Experimental Optometry, 22.5 per cent (18 papers) and 24 per cent of authors came from the Asia-Pacific region and if we include Australia as part of the Asia-Pacific region, then 52.5 per cent (42 papers) came from this region. Countries from which manuscripts were published in 2011 include Hong Kong, China, Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, India and, of course, Australia. Additional countries in this region that have published in the last couple of years include Taiwan, New Zealand and Nepal. With the number of published papers from outside Australia increasing from 41 per cent in the years 2005 and 2006[3] to 70 per cent in 2011, our aim to be international with a commitment to the Asia-Pacific region is gaining momentum.

We welcome the Singapore Optometric Association as our new partners. We invite your members to contribute to our journal and we express our hope that Clinical and Experimental Optometry will be important to academics and practising optometrists in your country.


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