• abalone;
  • growth hormone;
  • growth;
  • immersion;
  • salmon pituitary

ABSTRACT:  The ability of salmon growth hormone (sGH) to accelerate the somatic growth of juvenile abalone Haliotis discus hannai by immersion was examined. After immersion for one hour into a sGH-rich solution at a concentration of 30 mg/L, the sGH immunoreactivity in the body fluid of abalone was maximal after one day, and levels were still detectable at two days. No immunoreactivity was observed in the control group. Following immersion for one hour at one or two-week intervals for 120 weeks into the sGH-rich solution at 30 mg/L, the sGH-immersed abalone exhibited a significant increase in shell length and body weight. On the other hand, abalone immersed into a salmon prolactin (sPRL)-rich solution at 30 mg/L for one hour showed a lower increase in both shell length and body weight than the sGH-immersed abalone. No increases in shell length and body weight were observed in either the bovine serum albumin-immersed abalone or untreated controls. These results provide evidence that sGH can be transported from ambient water into the circulatory system of abalone, and can subsequently improve the somatic growth of juveniles.