Direct evidence of multiple paternities in natural population of viviparous Japanese surfperch by allelic markers of microsatellite DNA loci


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This study was performed to obtain information on the occurrence of multiple paternities in three species of viviparous Japanese surfperch using allelic markers of microsatellite DNA loci. Direct evidence for multiple fertilizations was established by reconstructing paternal genotypes from the progeny of gravid females. Multiple paternities were ascertained in five of 10 broods of Ditrema temmincki and in three of nine broods of Neoditrema ransonneti, but not in Ditrema viride. The number of patrilines detected in the progeny of D. temmincki and N. ransonneti females were two or three, respectively, as determined by the GERUD v2.0 algorithm for reconstructing parental genotypes from half-sib progeny arrays.