Post-Prostatectomy Bleeding: Active Management by Early Endoscopic Haemostasis and Packing in a Series of 3,219 Prostatectomies


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This article reviews the results of active management of post-prostatectomy bleeding in a series of 3,219 patients with an overall mortality of 1–6%. One hundred and thirty-six patients with heavy bleeding or clot retention after prostatectomy were returned to the operating theatre for 162 procedures. Early clot evacuation and hcemostasis with the use of a resectoscope produced satisfactory control in 124 of the 136 patients so treated. Packing of the prostatic fossa, either at the time of prostatectomy or after failed early endoscopic was performed 26 times with good control of bleeding, but introduced an abtreciable measure of morbidity associated with the suprapubic wound