• recurrent intussusception;
  • barium enema;
  • leadpoint intussusception.

A review was conducted of children with intussusception admitted to the royal children's hospital over a 16 year period: of 630 episodes of intussusception, 28 represented recurrences (4.4%); 10 of these occurred in children aged 2 years or over. Duration of symptoms and the incidence of an incorrect initial diagnosis were markedly reduced with recurrence. The clinical presentation was similar to (he first episode apart from rectal bleeding which was less common, reflecting the shorter history. Sixteen barium enemas were performed, of which 10 were successful. There were 18 operations with eight resections: seven for localized lesions and one for failure of manual reduction in a patient with an inverted meckel's diverticulum. Barium reduction for recurrence should not be attempted in children over 2 years of age in whom no laparotomy was performed for their first episode, for most second recurrences, or in multiple polyposis.