• breast;
  • lump;
  • tuberculosis

Thirty-eight patients with mammary gland tuberculosis were evaluated over a 5-year period presenting to the surgical unit of our institution. Unilateral involvement of the breast in a woman presenting at an average age of 29 years was the commonest observation. A lump in the breast with or without discharging sinuses was the most common clinical presentation. Ten (26%) of these patients had breast pain with or without increased breast nodularity. Axillary lymph nodal involvement was evident in 14 (36%) of our patients. Only five patients had associated pulmonary tuberculosis, the rest having an isolated involvement of the breast. Fine-needle aspiration cytology was the most reliable diagnostic modality. Medical therapy with antitubercular drugs ranging from 6 to 9 months was the mainstay of treatment. Surgical intervention was reserved for selected refractory cases.