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Examining the orthopaedic examiners: reliability of the Part 2 Orthopaedic Clinical Fellowship Examination in Australia


  • P. Cundy MBBS, FRACS.

Associate Professor Peter Cundy, Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, Women's and Children's Hospital, 72 King William Road, North Adelaide, SA 5006, Australia. Email:


Background:  The Final Examination for Orthopaedic Surgeons in Australia comprises seven components of which two are written responses and five are oral examinations involving separate pairs of examiners.

Methods:  The reliability of the examination process and close marking system was assessed by using a standardized DVD of a sham examination. Fifteen current examiners viewed the DVD and scored the viewed examination independently.

Results:  The results demonstrated consistency in scoring and reliability. This validation is likely to be further increased by the current system of the pairing of examiners. Additionally, the patient-based examination segments were found to be as reliably scored as the criterion-referenced computer-based examination stations.

Conclusions:  Candidates for the Fellowship Examination should be reassured that this study has shown that the examination process has inter-examiner reliability and consistency.