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Patients' perception of surgical training in private hospitals


  • R. Koirala MBBS; O. Mattern BMed (Newc); P. Danne MD, MBBS, FRACS, FACS; S. Murray MBBS.

Dr Rhiannon Koirala, Austin Hospital, Studley Road, Heidelberg, VIC 3084, Australia. Email:


Introduction:  Surgical training is traditionally a public hospital-based practice. At Epworth Private Hospital, Richmond, Victoria, there are three accredited surgical training positions and one fellowship position. We conducted a patient survey to review the patients' perspective of surgical trainees in private hospitals.

Methods:  Over 6 weeks, 100 patients admitted under the surgical units with full-time surgical registrars were given a survey to complete in two parts on the training of surgeons in private hospitals.

Results:  Seventy per cent of surveys were returned completed. Ninety per cent of respondents agreed that private hospitals should be involved in surgical training and 85.7% of patients were agreeable to having trainees involved in their operation. Only 1.4% of patients were not in agreement with surgical training in private and 8.6% of patients were neutral in their opinion.

Conclusion:  Our results clearly show that private hospital patients are generally favourably disposed to the presence and participation of surgical trainees in the private hospital setting.