Immediate Postoperative Oral Hydration after Caesarean Section


Department of Anesthesiology, Misgav Ladach General Hospital, Jerusalem, Israel


A study was carried out to assess the effects of immediate postoperative oral rehydration in 51 unpremedicated women undergoing caesarean section under epidural anesthesia. The patients were randomly assigned to 2 groups: group 1 (n=22)—fasting at least until 24 hours after the end of the operation, and group 2 (n=29)—receiving immediate oral intake of fluids (water, tea or coffee with sugar) without limitation of quantity. The 2 groups were compared for the occurrence of postoperative nausea and vomiting, onset of peristalsis, rectal gas emission, first bowel movement, and possible complications. The results demonstrate no significant differences between the parturients who drank immediately postoperatively as compared to those in whom oral fluid intake was delayed for 24 hours or more. It is concluded that immediate postoperative oral rehydration had no harmful effect upon peristalsis post-caesarean section.