• hydatid of Morgagni;
  • infertility;
  • laparoscopy;
  • paratubal cysts;
  • parovarian cysts


On laparoscopy in 3 patients with primary infertility, the only pathology found was hydatid cysts of Morgagni that were excised. In one patient with monolateral hydatid cyst, pregnancy failed to be achieved. Despite prior failure of repeated trials of ovulation induction and intrauterine insemination in the other 2 patients, a spontaneous pregnancy was achieved within 2–3 months following laparoscopic extirpation of hydatid cysts of Morgagni. The hydatid cysts were bilateral in one case; and monolateral (in relation to the only present tube with a unicornuate uterus) in the other dase. Jt is concluded that hydatids of Morgagni, as a single pelvic pathology, might hinder fertility. Laparoscopic extirpation of these cysts would improve ovum pick-up and enhance fertility.