Characteristics of antepartum and intrapartum eclampsia in the National Maternal and Child Health Center in Cambodia


Noriko Fujita, Bureau of International Cooperation, International Medical Center of Japan, 1-21-1 Toyama, Shinjuku, Tokyo 162–8655, Japan. Email:


Aim:  To measure maternal and perinatal outcome and analyze risk factors for antepartum and intrapartum eclampsia, which is one of main causes of high maternal mortality at the top referral hospital in the Kingdom of Cambodia.

Methods:  A hospital-based retrospective study of 164 antepartum and intrapartum eclampsia cases out of 20 449 deliveries.

Results:  Overall case–fatality rate was 12%. Rate of stillbirth and low birth weight were 20% and 44%, respectively. Eighty percent of the cases presented signs of severe pre-eclampsia and 27% of the patients who gave birth received cesarean section. Living outside the capital city, teenage pregnancy and twin pregnancy are more frequently associated with eclampsia.

Conclusion:  Antepartum and intrapartum eclampsia is associated with severe pre-eclampsia and with poor maternal and perinatal outcome. Recommendations to reduce the burden of eclampsia are promoting and improving quality of antenatal care and health education especially in the third trimester; increasing access to high-quality essential obstetric care; improving the service delivery in rural areas; and monitoring the progress by hospital data.