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Ovarian endometriosis associated with ovarian cancer and endometrial–endocervical polyps


Dr Irene Lambrinoudaki, 27, Themistokleous Street, Dionysos, GR-14578, Athens, Greece. Email:


Aim:  To determine the prevalence of ovarian cancer and endometrial polyps in women with moderate and severe ovarian endometriosis.

Methods:  A retrospective analysis of 667 cases of moderate and severe endometriosis laparoscopically and histologically confirmed during the period 1997–2004.

Results:  One hundred and ninety-three (29%) of cases were American Fertility Society (AFS) stage III (moderate endometriosis) and 473 (71%) were AFS stage IV (severe endometriosis). Ovarian cancer was diagnosed in 13 cases (2.0%), while an endometrial or endocervical polyp was identified in 35 cases (5.3%). The incidence of endometrial polyps in the group with moderate endometriosis tended to be higher (15/193, 7.8%) than in the group with severe endometriosis (20/473, 4.2%), and the same results were obtained in the ovarian cancer group (moderate: 6/193, 3.1%; severe: 7/473, 1.5%). However, neither of the two differences was statistically significant.

Conclusions:  Ovarian endometriosis may be associated with an increased incidence of both ovarian cancer and endometrial polyps. Careful evaluation for coexistent pathology should be undertaken in women with symptomatic endometriosis.