Bilateral ovarian involvement: A rare presentation of disseminated multiple myeloma


Dr Sara Zahedifard, Pathology Department, Shahid Modarres Hospital, Saadat Abad District, Tehran, Iran. Email:


Extramedullary spread of multiple myeloma is extremely rare. This paper reports a case of bilateral ovarian involvement in plasma cell myeloma. The patient was a 48-year-old Persian woman who experienced constitutional symptoms, bone pain and flashing for one year. Her condition showed multiple myeloma with lytic lesions of the skull, plasma cell infiltration in bone marrow and positive light chain lambda type in serum. Workup showed huge bilateral ovarian masses, and ovarian metastasis from plasma cell myeloma was confirmed after pathologic assessment. Multiple myeloma spread to ovary is rare and according to our knowledge, this is the fourth reported case of bilateral ovarian involvement in extramedullary multiple myeloma.