Book Reviews


Book reviewed in this article:

Communication and Sociolinguistics by Fredrick Williams

Presidential Television (A Twentieth Century Fund Report) by Newton N. Minow, John Bartlow Martin, and Lee M. Mitchell.

Living With Change: The Semantics of Coping by Wendell Johnson and Dorothy Moeller.

The Mind Managers by Herbert I. Schiller.

Communication Strategies for Family Planning by Everett M. Rogers.

News From Nowhere: Television and the News by Edward Jay Epstein.

The Early Window: Effects of Television on Children and Youth by Robert M. Liebert, John M. Neale, and Emily S. Davidson.

Content Analysis: A Technique for Systematic Inference From Communications by T. F. Carney.

The Hidden Springs: An Enquiry Into Extra-Sensory Perception by Renée Haynes.

The American Newsreel 1911–1967 by Raymond Fielding.

Mass Media: A Worktext in the Processes of Modern Communication by Ann Christine Heintz, B.V.M., M. Lawrence Reuter, S.J., and Elizabeth Conley.

Children's Television Commercials: A Content Analysis by Charles Winick, Lorne G. Williamson, Stuart F. Chuzmir, and Mariann Pezzella Winick.

Human Connection and the New Media edited by Barry N. Schwartz.

Cable Television: A Guide For Citizen Action by Monroe Price and John Wicklein.

Men, Messages and Media: A Look at Human Communication by Wilbur Schramm.

The Personal Communication Process by John R. Wenburg and William W. Wilmot.

Social Psychology in Natural Settings: A Reader in Field Experimentation edited by Paul G. Swingle.

Conflict Among Humans by Robert D. Nye.