Book reviewed in this article:

The Press and the Law by Hanno Hardt

The Politics of Communication by Claus Mueller.

Television and Antisocial Behavior: Field Experiments by Stanley Milgram and R. Lance Shotland.

A First Language: The Early Stages by Roger Brown.

Inside Intuition: What We Know About Nonverbal Communication by Flora Davis.

Children's Television: The Economics of Exploitation by William M. Melody.

Dream Telepathy by Montague Ullman and Stanley Krippner, with Alan Vaughan.

Mass Communication by R. K. Chatterjee.

A General Systems Philosophy for the Social and Behavioral Sciences by John Sutherland.

The Process of Psychotherapy by Donald J. Kiesler.

The People's Films: A Political History of U.S. Government Motion Pictures by Richard Dyer MacCann.

Mythologies by Roland Barthes.

Computer-Communication Networks edited by Norman Abramson and Franklin F. Kuo.

The New Journalism by Tom Wolfe, with an anthology edited by Tom Wolfe and E. W. Johnson.

Children Are Centers For Understanding Media edited by Susan Rice and Rose Mukerji.

Mass News: Practices, Controversies, and Alternatives edited by David J. LeRoy and Christopher H. Sterling.