Television Literacy for Young Children


  • Support for this research was provided by the Office of Child Development through a grant (90-C-247) which was originally made to Aimee Dorr Leifer, Sherryl Browne Graves, and Neal J. Gordon. The work was conducted at Harvard University, and the authors acknowledge the support of their many colleagues, co-workers staff, and students there. They also gratefully acknowledge the cooperation of the Boston-area parents, children, teachers, and administrators who participated in one or another phase of their work, particularly the David A. Ellis School, the Gardner School, the Garfield School, the Lena Park Community Center, and the Pierce School Extended Day Program in the work reported here. Those who directly assisted in the teaching and evaluation of the curricula include Bonita Allen, Harriet Ballard, Donald Bremme, Fay Carozza, Robert Carrasco, Michael Forte, Lorraine Goldin, Michael Green, Nancy Held, Amy Hughes, Leslie Isler, Judith Lemon, Diane Lopez, Alice Markowitz, Patricia Morison, Marcy Moskowitz, Lou Rubin, and Linda Ury.