Blueprint for Breakdown: Three Mile Island and the Media Before the Accident


  • Sharon M. Friedman

    1. Sharon M. Friedman is Associate Professor of Journalism and Director, Science and Environmental Writing Program, Lehigh University. She was Consultant to the President's Commission on the Accident at Three Mile Island, June-October 1979.
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  • An earlier version of this article was presented to a Preconvention Symposium on “When Experts Differ: The Role of the Mass Media in Scientific and Technological Controversy,” organized by the Science Writing Educators Group for the annual meeting of the Association for Education in Journalism, Boston, Mass., August 10, 1980.

  • Nancy C. Joyce, an information specialist with the President's Commission on TMI, served as a research associate for this study, interviewing broadcast personnel and citizens in the TMI area. She also reviewed many subpoenaed documents, surveyed TMI coverage by the Harrisburg newspapers, and helped analyze Met Ed's community relations program.