Playing Videogames: The Electronic Friend


  • Gary W. Selnow

    1. Gary W. Selnow is Assistant Professor of Communication, Department of Communica- tion Studies, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.
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  • 1

    Information gathered throughout this study is restricted to arcade videogame playing and does not deal with home videogame playing. The decision to focus on arcade videogames is based on the findings of my earlier study that videogame playing in arcades was complementary with television viewing, while home videogame playing was mildly competitive with it.

  • 2

    A. C. Nielsen reports that the most substantial recent increases in viewing have occurred in the early morning hours (13). Hence, this fourth category was added to Medrich's original three.

  • 3

    Some statisticians believe at least three variables are required in order to define a factor unambiguously. In some cases reported here, only two variables load on a single factor; these factors should be viewed with caution.