A unified statistical model for S-N fatigue curves: probabilistic definition


D. S. Paolino. E-mail: davide.paolino@polito.it


In recent years, experimental tests exploring the gigacycle fatigue properties of materials suggest the introduction of modifications in well-known statistical fatigue life models. Usual fatigue life models, characterized by a single failure mechanism and by the presence of the fatigue limit, have been integrated by models that can take into account the occurrence of two failure mechanisms and do not consider the presence of the fatigue limit. The general case, in which more than two failure mechanisms coexist with the fatigue limit, has not been proposed yet. The paper presents a unified statistical model which can take into account any number of failure mechanisms and the possible presence of the fatigue limit. The case of S-N curves with different fatigue life distributions coexisting for the entire stress range covered by fatigue tests is also considered. The adaptability of the statistical model to the S-N curves proposed in the open literature is demonstrated by qualitative numerical examples.