• NGF receptor protein;
  • NGF receptor up-regulation;
  • CNS plasticity;
  • neuronotrophic interactions;
  • Alzheimer's disease


In order to study the ligand-mediated regulation of NGF receptors in vivo, we assessed NGF receptor mRNA in the septal area of both neonatal and adult rats following intraventricular NGF administration. In neonatal rats NGF treatment, in comparison with cytochrome c, elicited a pronounced augmentation in the level of NGF receptor mRNA. A similar effect was also observed following continuous intraventricular NGF infusion in young adult rats. In addition, in this latter case, the increase in NGF receptor mRNA was associated with an increase in NGF receptor-related immunoreactivity, most likely associated with the cholinergic neurons, in the septal area. These results show that NGF itself may regulate expression of NGF receptor mRNA and corresponding protein levels in forebrain cholinergic neurons and suggest that NGF effects in the CNS may be mediated by an up-regulation of NGF receptors.