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Effects of BDNF and NT-4/5 on Striatonigral Neuropeptides or Nigral GABA Neurons In Vivo


E. Arenas


Supranigral infusions of the TrkB-receptor-preferring neurotrophins BDNF or NT-4/5 augment locomotor behaviours, pars compacta firing rates and striatal dopamine metabolism. However these actions of BDNF or NT-4/5 may involve other neurotransmitter systems in addition to dopamine neurons in the substantia nigra. We thus investigated the effects of 2-week supranigral infusions of BDNF or NT-4/5 on rat peptidergic striatonigral neurons and nigral GABAergic neurons. Radioimmunoassay revealed that BDNF and NT-4/5 elevated substantia nigra levels of substance P (by 46 and 57% respectively) and substance K (by 64 and 81%). In addition, BDNF elevated substance K by 59% in a nigral projection area, the superior colliculus. NT-4/5 elevated dynorphin A in the substantia nigra (by 52%) and met-enkephalin in substantia nigra and globus pallidus (by 89%). None of these neuropeptides were altered in the striatum. Consistent with these findings, supranigral infusions of BDNF elevated the mRNA for preprotachykinin A in striatal neurons. In the same animals, glutamic acid decarboxylase (GAD)67 mRNA was increased by 48% in the substantia nigra. The cross-sectional area of GAD67-positive neuronal somata in the BDNF-infused nigra was increased by 59%, and 70% of nigral GABAergic neurons had a cross-sectional area >550 μm2, whereas 95% of the neurons in vehicle-infused animals had cross-sectional areas <550 μm2. Thus, supranigral infusions of BDNF or NT-4/5 increase tachykinin mRNA and protein levels within striatonigral neurons and increase the size and GAD67 mRNA expression levels of nigral GABAergic neurons. These results suggest that BDNF or NT-4/5 may modify the output of the basal ganglia not only through effects on dopamine neurons but also by increasing neurotransmission in striatonigral peptidergic and nigral GABAergic pathways.