• exocytosis;
  • immunocytochemistry;
  • neurotransmission;
  • pituitary;
  • synaptic vesicles


Syntaxin 1 binds to several proteins of the synaptic terminal and is a central component in the pathway of protein–protein interactions that underlies docking and fusion of synaptic vesicles. Molecular studies revealed the occurrence of two isoforms, syntaxin 1A and syntaxin 1B, which coexpress in neural tissues. However, they display differential expression patterns in endocrine cell types. We generated isoform-specific antibodies that were used in Western blotting and immunocytochemical studies. First, we confirmed the sole presence of syntaxin 1A in endocrine pituitary cells. Second, we found distinctive immunolabelling patterns of each isoform in the rat olfactory system, hippocampus, striatum, thalamus and spinal cord. In addition, the principal white matter commissures displayed distinct immunoreactivity for each isoform. This report shows, for the first time, major differences between the distributions of syntaxin 1A and syntaxin 1B isoforms in the rat central nervous system.