Characterization of the inhibitory glycine receptor on entorhinal cortex neurons


: Dr Volker Schmieden, as above.


In addition to the well-established functional description of the glycine receptor (GlyR) in the spinal cord, GlyR expression has recently been found in higher brain regions, such as the striatum or hippocampus. In this study we have investigated the electrophysiological response of glycine in the rat entorhinal cortex slice. In all recorded cells we found significant current responses to glycine with an EC50 value of about 100 µm. Most importantly, we detected a cross-inhibition of glycine responses by GABA but not vice versa. These findings are in line with recent published data of cross-talks between GABAAR and GlyR but indicate a novel type of cross-inhibition of these receptors in the entorhinal cortex.