Fig. S1. Localization of L-citrulline in the peduncle, ? and ? lobes. (A): The central core of the peduncle and ? lobe are devoid of any label, whereas intense immunoactivity appears at the periphery of the structures. The ? lobe shows weaker labeling. (B): Localization of L-citrulline in the ? lobe. As in the ? lobe, immunoreactivity is essentially located at the periphery of the lobe. ?: alpha lobe; ?: beta lobe; ?: gamma lobe; p: peduncle: pc: posterior calyx. Scale bar = 100 ?m.

Fig. S2. Comparison of the deduced amino acid sequence with those of other insect NOS cloned so far Drosophila melanogaster, Rhodnius prolixus and Manduca sexta. Sequence alignment performed by BLAST program. Genebank accession number AY4444337.

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