Fig. S1. Pattern of lesion in control, MPTP-lesioned untreated, MPTP-lesioned LDOPA- treated non-dyskinetic, and L-DOPA-treated dyskinetic monkeys. Representative high power photomicrographs of the striatal sections immunostained for TH shown in figure 1F (top row) and of adjacent striatal sections double-immunolabelled (bottom) for TH (green) and DAT (red). Colocalisation of TH and DAT immunoreactivity produces a yellow signal. Scale bar = 55 ?m. Photomicrographs have been taken in all striatal quadrants at exactly the same position on each section to avoid selection bias: Cdl: caudate dorso-lateral; Cdm: caudate dorso-median; Cvl: caudate ventrolateral; Cvm: caudate ventro-median; Pdl: putamen dorso-lateral; Pdm: putamen dorso-median; Pvl: putamen ventro-lateral; Pvm: putamen ventro-median.

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