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Striatal dopaminergic responses observed in latent inhibition are dependent on the hippocampal ventral subicular region


Dr A. Louilot, as above.


We showed recently that behavioural and striatal dopaminergic (DA) responses obtained in latent inhibition are crucially dependent on the parahippocampal region, the entorhinal cortex. In the present study, we investigated the influence exerted by the hippocampal ventral subicular region (SUB) on the DA responses in the anterior part of the dorsal striatum using in vivo voltammetry in freely moving rats and the same latent inhibition paradigm. To that end, the left SUB was temporarily blocked with tetrodotoxin (TTX) during pre-exposure to a new olfactory stimulus (banana odour). During the second session the animals were aversively conditioned to banana odour. With respect to the results obtained during the test session (third presentation of banana odour), similar changes in behaviour and DA levels were obtained in control and conditioned rats microinjected with the solvent, phosphate-buffered saline (PBS), in the SUB, consistently with a latent inhibition phenomenon. In contrast, after reversible inactivation of the SUB during the pre-exposure session, TTX-pre-exposed conditioned animals displayed aversive behaviour in the test session, and anterior striatal DA variations in these animals differed significantly from those obtained in pre-exposed rats injected locally with PBS. Striatal DA variations obtained in conditioned animals microinjected with TTX were also significantly different from those observed in conditioned non-pre-exposed animals. The present data suggest that, in parallel to the entorhinal cortex, the SUB regulates the latent inhibition-related behavioural and DA responses in the anterior part of the dorsal striatum. These data may provide new insight into the pathophysiology of schizophrenic psychoses.