Long-term potentiation in the rat dentate gyrus is associated with enhanced Arc/Arg3.1 protein expression in spines, dendrites and glia


In the paper of Rodríguez et al. (2005), the label in Fig. 2 was incorrect. It should read ∼60 kDa, not 68kDa. Similarly, the mention of Fig. 2 in the ‘Antibody’ section of ‘Materials and methods’ should refer to 60 kDa (not 68 kDa). The authors apologise for any inconvenience caused, and we reproduce the corrected Fig. 2 in full here.

Figure 2.

Arc immunoblots prepared from dentate gyrus of two rats (1 and 2) demonstrating that the Arc antibody reacted with the protein from potentiated dentate gyrus to produce a single band (large arrow) in a position similar to that of an Arc-blocking peptide (at ∼60 kDa).