Figure S1. Comparable patterns of expression between the golli-τ-GFP (A) and golli-lac z (B) transgenes in the cerebral cortices at E13.5. Note the strong lateral to medial and rostral to caudal gradients of both τ-GFP and lac z expression characteristic of this stage of development. The τ-GFP mouse was illuminated with blue (488 nm) light and the lac z mouse is a whole mount stain for β-galactosidase. C, colocalization (arrows) of (-gal histochemistry (blue) and GFP immunohistochemistry (brown) in subplate neurons of an E18 golli-lac z/τ-GFP double transgenic mouse. Scale bars = 1.5 mm in A-B; 12 μm in C. Figure S2. Cortical τ-GFP+ neurons are born on E11.5 and E12. The birth-date of the cortical τ-GFP expressing cells was assessed by injecting pregnant transgenic dams twice with BrdU (once on E11 and once on E12). At E18.5, coronal sections through the neocortex were stained immunohistochemically for GFP and subsequently with an antibody for BrdU. Red arrows indicate cells that were double labeled for BrdU and GFP within the mz and sp. Note cells single labeled for BrdU (brown nuclei, clear cytoplasm) or GFP (red cytoplasm, clear nuclei) are indicated by blue and green arrows, respectively. Many of the τ-GFP-labeled cells (green arrows; cells with red cytoplasm and clear nuclei) and BrdU labeled cells (blue arrows; brown nuclei and clear cytoplasm) colocalized in cells within the marginal zone (MZ; A) and subplate layer (SP; B) (red arrows). These results indicate that the transgene-expressing neurons are among the first postmitotic neurons generated in the neocortex. Scale bars = 12 μm in A-B.

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