Figure S1. Developmental expression of EFA6A and α-actinin-1 in mouse brain. Representative dark-field photographs of sagittal sections of mouse brains at various stages subjected to in situ hybridization analysis with oligonucleotides specific to EFA6A and α-actinin-1 were shown. Consectutive sections stained with toluidin blue were also shown in the right column as reference. AON, anterior olfactory nuclei; Aq, aueduct; BT, basal telencephalon; Cb, cerebellar cortex; Ch, choroid plexus; CP, cortical plate; CPu, caudate putamen; Cx, cerebral cortex; DCN, deep cerebellar nuclei; DG, dentate gyrus; EGL, external granular layer; Hi, hippocampal pyramidal cell layer; HT, hypothalamus; IC, inferior colliculus; IGr, internal granular layer; Mi, mitral cell layer; MO, medulla oblongata; OB, olfactory bulb; SC, superior colliculus; Th, thalamus; Tu, olfactory tubercle; VZ, ventricular zone. Figure S2. Distribution of EFA6A in mouse brain at protein (A-C, G-J) and mRNA levels (D-F, K-M). Coronal sections of the olfactory bulb (A, D), caudate putamen (B, E), diencephalon (C, F), pons (G, K), medulla oblongata (H, L) and spinal cord (J, M) were subjected to immunohistochemistry (A-C, G-J) or in situ hybridization histochemistry (D-F, K-M) and shown in bright-field and dark-field photographs, respectively. 7n, facial nerve; Ac, nucleus accumbens; ac, anterior commisure; Amy, amygdaloid nuclei; CA1-3; subfield CA1-3 of Ammon's horn; cc, corpus callosum; CGPn, central gray of pons; CPu, caudate putamen; Cx, cerebral cortex; DCN, deep cerebellar nuclei; DG, dentate gyrus; DH, dorsal horn; DTg, dorsal tegmental nucleus; EPL, external plexiform layer; GL, glomerular layer; HT, hypothalamus; IGL, internal granular layer; IO, inferior olive; LH, lateral habenular nucleus; LS, lateral spetal nuclei; LV, lateral ventricle; Me5, mesencephalic trigeminal nucleus; MH, medial habenular nucleus; Mi, mitral cell layer; MS, medial spetal nucleus; ON, olfactory nerve layer; Pi, piriform cortex; Pr5, principal sensory trigeminal nucleus; Sol, nucleus of solitary tract; SP5, spinal trigeminal nucleus; Th, thalamus; Tu, olfactory tubercle; VC, ventral cochlear nucleus; VH, ventral horn; VP, ventral pallidum; ZI, zona incerta. Scale bars, 0.5 mm.

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