Concerning the published paper of Boyer & Dreyer (2008), the authors have been made aware that they have misquoted some of the work by Siddhu, Wersinger and colleagues in the Introduction section. The mention of γ-synuclein on lines 12, 28, and 48 of the Introduction was erroneous. Wersinger et al., (2003a, b; 2006a, b) and Sidhu et al., (2004) have not described a role of γ-synuclein in the regulation of the dopamine transporter and serotonin transporter, nor an association of γ-synuclein with other proteins involved in dopamine homeostasis. Finally, down-regulation of GTP-cyclohydrolase by α- (but not γ-) synuclein has been reported by Baptista et al., (2003). The authors sincerely apologize for these misquotations.


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