Fig. S1. Effects of CPA on short tetanus-induced rises in [Ca2+]i.

Fig. S2. Reversible effects of TMB-8 on repetitive tetani-induced Ca2+ transients.

Fig. S3. The relationship between the active fraction of ‘Ca2+ domain unit’ and the fraction of the unblocked Ca2+ channels under the effects of wCGTX.

Fig. S4. Simulation of the time courses of [Ca2+]i(b), [Ca2+]i(d), Rp, when CICR is activated or not, and the dependence of Rp on [Ca2+]o and Ca2+ channel density in the three-compartment model.

Fig. S5. Simulation of the dependence of CICR on [Ca2+]o and Ca2+ channel density and effects of exogenous Ca2+ buffers.

Table S1.Parameter values for simulation.

Data S1. Differential equations, their bases and the simulation procedures.

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