Fig. S1. Overview of regulated proteins during development.

Fig. S2. Hierarchical clustering of the significantly regulated proteins revealed 2 small (cluster 1 and 5) and three major clusters (clusters 2–5), indicated by blue shading on the branches of the tree.

Fig. S3. Immunoblotting on mPFC and MCtx homogenate of different developmental time points revealed no differences in neuron number (NeuN) and the number of pre- and postsynaptic proteins (Psd-95 and Piccolo).

Fig. S4. Immunoblotting on mPFC synaptosomes at different time points for synaptic vesicle proteins that are attached to the membrane (A; red) or integral to the membrane (B; blue).

Table S1. Proteomics overview.

Table S2. Postnatal developmental regulation of mPFC synaptic proteins.

Table S3. Grouping of mPFC synaptic proteins.

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