Fig. S1. Representative coronal sections of sham and 6-OHDA-lesioned animals 24 h after manganese injection. 3D-T1 weighted images acquired with MDEFT sequence. See Materials and methods for details.

Fig. S2. Immunohistochemical evaluation of STN integrity after MnC12 injection. Representative NeuN immunohistochemistry in the STN from 14-mm coronal section of MnC12-injected and non-injected hemisphere. The subthalamic nucleus (STN) is pointed with an arrow. Images were obtained with an optical microscope using ×40 magnification.

Table S1 Averages oFFractional Anisotropy, Apparent Diffusion Coefficient, Axial and Radial Diffusivities calculated for different ROIs in the ipsilateral and contralateral hemispheres oFsham-operated and 6-OHDA-operated animals at the pre-lesion scan and 3 and 14 days after the injection. Data is expressed as mean ± standard deviation. *indicates significant differences vs. sham, dollar symbol indicates significant differences vs. pre-lesion measuremnts, T indicates differences vs hemispheres P < 0.05.

Table S2 Multiple ANOVAs for diffusion tensor imaging coefficient changes induced by 6-OHDA lesion.

Table S3 Pre-lesion T1 longitudinal relaxation times (ms) of sham- and 6-OHDA-operated animals. Data is expressed as mean ± standard deviation.

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