Fig. S1. Two-way ANOVA interaction plots for the main effects of WM load and attentional demand. WM load is shown on the xaxis, averaged BOLD responses for the time window between 6 and 10; s are shown on the y-axis, respectively. F-values of the interaction effect [F(Int)] are depicted for the corresponding brain regions. ES: easy search, DS: difficult search, FEF: frontal eye field, IPS: intraparietal sulcus, MOG: middle occipital gyrus, MTG: middle temporal gyrus, post: posterior, PrcS: precentral sulcus, SPL: superior parietal lobule.

Fig. S2. Averaged event-related time courses of the BOLD signal in the six experimental conditions from selected regions showing overlapping effects of attentional demand and WM load. Bars represent standard errors of the mean. Pre-SMA: pre-supplementary motor area, SMA: supplementary motor area.

Fig. S3. Group results (n = 8, GLM with additional saccade predictor, see materials and methods) for the encoding predictor (0-5 s). Statistical maps of the contrasts DS vs. ES (yellow), WM load 5 vs. 1 (blue), and the significant 2-way interaction of search difficulty x WM load (red) are shown. Activations are those exceeding a whole-brain false discovery rate threshold of q(FDR)< 0.05. GLM: general linear model, ES: easy search, DS: difficult search, CS: central sulcus, FEF: frontal eye field, IFS: inferior frontal sulcus, IPS: intraparietal sulcus, LS: lateral sulcus, MOG: middle occipital gyrus, OTS: occipito-temporal sulcus, PPC: posterior parietal cortex, pre-SMA: pre-supplementary motor area, SEF: supplementary eye fields, SFS: superior frontal sulcus.

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