Fig. S1. Control experiments for the effect of exogenously applied DAAO on the kainate-induced calcium response. (A) Mean + SD data from four separate sets of experiments showing the percent increase in the kainate-induced calcium response (relative to the initial response) from cells that showed a > 10% increase in the response following application of 0.25 mg/mL DAAO alone (first bar, n = 7, from 58 cells), when all solutions contained ≥ 4000 units/mL catalase (second bar, n = 3, from 60 cells) or 100 μM edaravone (third bar, n = 3, from 47 cells) and after heat inactivation (fourth bar, n = 3, from all 57 cells). (B) Percentage of cells that showed a > 10% increase in the kainate-induced calcium response following each of the four DAAO application protocols.

Fig.S2. Light-evoked MEA recordings and the effect of NBQX. (A) Cumulative frequency histograms (10 ms bins for 60 sweeps) from the three cells during the same MEA recording demonstrate the three basic response profiles from the spiking neurons to a 500 ms flash of light (green bar). The top trace shows an ON cell, the middle an OFF cell and the bottom an ON–OFF cell. ON and OFF responses were analyzed separately regardless of whether the response came from a pure ON or OFF cell or an ON–OFF cell. (B) Experiments were performed in the standard inhibitory cocktail (strychnine/picrotoxin/MK-801) and the bath application of 20 μm NBQX (2 min) significantly reduced light-evoked spiking. Some recovery was achieved after a washout period of 10–60 min (n = 4 from 183 ON responding cells and 182 OFF responding cells). Data expressed as mean + SD and analyzed with repeated-measures Tukey’s one-way ANOVA**.

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