Fig. S1. The concentration–response profiles of OR1G1- and OR52D1-expressing HEK293T cells to ISO (grey bars) and WL (black bars). Ca2+ responses were recorded over 3 min and were reported as the percentage of responding cells normalised to those responding to 100 μm ATP. Both ISO and WL activated the receptors in a concentration-dependent manner.

Fig. S2. The concentration–response curves of unitary ORN responses to ISO and ISO-WL mixtures, demonstrating a concentration tuning for WL and ISO. WL was clearly encoded over its entire concentration range when it was delivered singly, whereas ISO dominated in the mixtures.

Fig. S3. The concentration–response curves of unitary ORN responses to ISO delivered alone or in a mixture. These ORNs were completely non-responsive to WL.

Fig. S4. The mean of the individual perceived intensity of ISO or WL (at different concentrations) when delivered alone.

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