Fig. S1. (A) Schematic representation of temporal events in the visual response field mapping task for the fixation point (FP), target (T) and eye position. (B) 182 target locations (black dots) presented at 24 different directions and 6–10 different eccentricities used to map the visual response fields. (C) Visual response field for the representative visually responsive neuron shown in D and E. (D,E) Target-aligned rasters and spike density functions of a representative visually responsive neuron to locations outside (D) and inside its visual response field (E).

Fig. S2. Effects of neuron V and VM subtype on visual sensory response properties recorded at the brightest luminance (42 cd/m2) in the delay (gray) and gap (black) tasks. (A) VROL, (B) peak magnitude, (C) growth time, (D) decay rate. Asterisks denote statistical significance (t test, < 0.05). All error bars denote standard error.

Fig. S3. Correlations between visual response properties and saccade behavior collapsed across luminance conditions. Cumulative distributions of correlation coefficients (left column) and median r values (right column) for each behavioral and visual sensory neural variable measured. Filled circles in the cumulative plots denote statistically significant correlations (within neuron). Color denotes the neural signal property that was correlated: VROL (blue), growth time (time from VROL to peak: green), peak magnitude (black) and decay rate (pink). All correlations with peak magnitude were multiplied by −1 to match with VROL, growth slope and decay rate values. Each neural signal property was correlated independently of SRT (A), peak saccade velocity (B) and saccade endpoint error (C). Median r values denote how much variance was accounted for by each correlation.

Table S1. Percentage saccadic reaction times removed from analysis.

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