Fig. S1. DTI data. FA, mean diffusivity (MD), λ and axial diffusivity (λ) on days 7, 21 and 42 after HI in the corpus callosum and major WM structures in the left and right hemispheres of sham, HI+doxy and HI+vehicle pups. MD, λ and λ are shown in units of 10−3 mm2/s. The bars show estimated marginal means for each group with error bars indicating 95% confidence intervals. P-values for the difference between HI+doxy and HI+vehicle pups are displayed above the bars. §P < 0.05 right vs. left hemisphere; †P < 0.05 HI+vehicle vs. Sham; *P < 0.05 day 21 or 42 vs. day 7.

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