Blood conservation and pain control in scoliosis corrective surgery: an online survey of UK practice


  • Section Editor: Adrian Bosenberg

Scott Bird, Department of Anaesthesia Southampton University Hospital, Southampton SO16 6YD Email:


Background:  Discussion at local meetings led to the realization of the diversity in anaesthetic practice for pediatric and adolescent scoliosis surgery. This diversity was assessed using an online survey, the aim being to provoke discussion and highlight areas of future research.

Methods:  Of the 24 centers practicing pediatric and adolescent scoliosis surgery, 21 completed questionnaires, a response rate of 88%.

Results:  Blood conservation; the area of greatest clinical variability was seen in dosing regimes for Tranexamic acid. Thromboprophylaxis; both mechanical and pharmacological regimes showed wide range in both application and timing. Pain control; eight different types of postoperative pain relief were utilized across the centres, some in isolation but many in combination.

Conclusions:  The results from our survey show wide variation nationally and hopefully will provoke discussion and ultimately national multi-centred research to define best practice.