Appendix S1. Output from modified version of the GLC2000 database used in analysis (0.4 Mb, jpg file).

Appendix S2. Modified version of the GLC2000 database used in analysis (35 Mb, zip file). Notes for use: This zip file contains files and folders that comprise a Geographic Information System spatial database. ESRI ArcView, ARCGIS with Spatial Analyst, or compatible GIS software is necessary to view and use these files. To access the database, download the zip file and extract all contents into single folder or directory. Contents of zip file: glc_modf_dd ? folder containing ESRI GRID file of the GLC2000 modified Land cover (Geographic projection, DD units); Info ? folder containing necessary ESRI info file; glc_modf_dd.avl ? suggested legend file for the GRID data for use with ArcView 3.x.

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