With the objective of better service to potential authors and to readers of Ecology Letters, we will be making three important structural changes in 2005. First, we have decided to simplify our format by combining Letters and Reports into a single section called Letters. Maximum decision times on Letters and on our Ideas and Perspectives is 6 weeks, with decisions typically being made within 3 weeks. Second, we are providing more page space for our Fast-Track review process. This is reserved for exceptionally novel, high-profile submissions following contact with, and approval by, the Editor-in-Chief. Decisions on Fast-Track submissions are usually made within 1 week of submission. Finally, we will be promoting our Ideas and Perspectives section through the appointment of a dedicated Editor (Dr Nicholas J. Gotelli). Although we consider direct Ideas and Perspectives submissions, we strongly encourage interested authors to contact Dr Gotelli before submitting their manuscript.

We look forward to receiving your most exciting work.