Corrections and clarifications for Mulder et al. (2005) are detailed below.

On page 85, the caption of Table 2 should read:

Table 2 Angles and standard error (SE) of the linear regression line of log body mass M as a function of log [N per kg soil (Dry Matter)] of soil organisms in a bio-organic (Fig. 1), conventional and intensive farm sampled in the late spring of 1999.

In the original publication, M and N were mistakenly reversed in the text of the caption. The aforementioned conventional and intensive farm are represented by the black triangle and black square in Fig. 2 and are described further in Table S1 of the Supplementary Material available from

We thank Daniel C. Reuman for pointing out that the following statement on page 85 requires clarification: ‘‘…the organic farm in Fig. 1 had the highest number of DNA bands among the organic farms investigated here (black circle in Fig. 2a).’’ The numbers of DNA bands in two replicate samples (DGGE gels) were evaluated for each farm. The paper should have stated that the number of DNA bands plotted in Fig. 2a was the average of these two replicates. As the blue circles in Fig. 2a to the right of the black circle show, five other organic farms had a higher average number of DNA bands than the selected organic farm with 63 DNA bands. For the selected bio-organic farm (black circle), 63 bands is the average of two measurements, one with 56 bands and one with 70 bands. No other farm had as many as 70 bands in a single replicate.

On page 86, in the last line of the caption of Figure 2, ‘Table 1’ should be ‘Table S1’.