In the paper by van der Heijden et al. (2008), Ecology Letters11(3): 296–310, a reference to work by Opik et al. (2003) in Figure 3 (p.306) was missing and a paper by Tedersoo et al. 2007 (p.310) was cited incorrectly.

The correct references are:

Öpik, M., Moora, M., Liira, J., Kõljalg, U., Zobel, M. & Sen, R. (2003). Divergent arbuscular mycorrhizal fungal communities colonize roots of Pulsatilla spp. in boreal Scots pine forest and grassland soils. New Phytologist, 160, 581–593.

Tedersoo, L., Pellet, P., Koljag, U. & Selosse, M.E. (2007). Parallel evolutionary paths to mycoheterotrophy in understorey Ericaceae and Orchidaceae: ecological evidence for mixotrophy in Pyroleae. Oecologia, 151, 206–217.


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